Our training is designed to discover, develop and amplify the leadership potential in our young learners. We challenge them to always stand out from the crowd and be counted .

School of Leadership

Students are challenged to showcase their leadership potential through various simulation activities.


Key to their training as leaders, the pupils are challenged to showcase their leadership potential through various simulation activities. Our leadership program is designed to deliver leadership training both in and out of class. In class, a specific leadership curriculum is developed and pupils get to attend 3 classes every month on varying leadership topics. The morning parade and the weekly debate program are the other platforms where our pupils enhance their leadership skills particularly  their oratory skills.


 Every  Thursday of the week our pupils get to demonstrate their oratory might through the debate program which brings together pupils from across various classes who form the two debating teams. The debate topics are carefully selected through consultations between the teachers and the pupils. The program is carefully crafted to train the pupils in research skills, argumentation, rhetoric and respect for diversity. Often the debates do not lead to a mutual agreement or shared perspective on the hot topical issues but that is then used to train them to learn to accept each other’s opinion and respect it even when the don’t agree with it.


We strive to maintain an active learning environment in and out of class. Classroom learning is complimented with active out of class learning. In the school bus our pupils are able to learn through video content displayed in the buses. The content varies from cartoons to inspirational talk videos which altogether compliment the learning process that begins in the classroom.We do reckon that learning through observation and experimenting with ideas can go a long way in helping the pupils ground the theories they learn in class.Special emphasis is put towards learning experientially. We do organize study and site tours relevant to the pupils’ learning in the classroom. The visits are organized in line with the requirements of the teaching syllabus.

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